Master Kay’s August Beats

August 2017 Master Kay Trap Beats are finally out now!!!


This time the theme of August beats is “Infinite Sky” which makes listeners to infinitely play them with natural sounds trapped soulfully compilation.


Stream/Download: Play Master Kay Beats


Welcome to new season with new sounds. Enjoy and share.



Master Kay’s June Beats

We all know Master Kay is now currently at top3 university in South Africa, University of Pretoria but he is promising to give us his taste of new beats each an every month starting from now on.


Enjoy June Beats here: PLAY

#MKTB (MasterKayTrapBeats)

Master Kay On Mzansi Insider, SABC 1

On January 1st, 2017, Master Kay was called from Mzansi Insider, SABC 1 for the first time on the show but obviously for it was not his first time on television.


The funny part is that he did not perform his music, had an interview or did any music related stuff. He was asked to battle with another comedian as a surprise. The media said that he was choking and had stage fright but he tried to make some jokes. As an inexperienced comedian, he lost.


After that show, he apologized to his fans on Twitter and Facebook but then #TeamMasterKay was so positive in the comments. Nevertheless, he did not lose anything as they were doing it for fun. No prizes are won, it was just a “Rapper vs. Comedian” surprise show. After the show, ‘Zikiphani‘ asked him a question, “How do you feel about losing?”. “I can’t say I lost. I just didn’t prepare. It was a spur at the moment thing. However, I am satisfied because I gained some experience as Mzansi Insider gave me the platform. Being exposed to the whole South Africa on TV feels good… (laughed)”.





Master Kay – Greatness (ft. Reinny Ray) (Prod. Zoocci Coke Dope)

Name of the artist(s): Master Kay featuring Reinny Ray

Name of the song: Greatness

Genre: Hip Hop

Producer: Zoocci Coke Dope

Release date: 02 December 2015


Description: A 16 year old rapper Master Kay from Atteridgeville finally managed to collaborate with international rapper once again and this time he does it with an inspirational and talented rapper from Ghana who goes by the name of Reinny Ray. The song has been mentioned on Tshwane Sun newspaper November’s issue before it was released, now it is out and sizzling making Trapquake. It is also available on popular websites like,, everywhere.

Master Kay Collaborates With Ghana

A 16 year old Young King from Atteridgeville, Pretoria is back again, not just alone but with FIRE!!!

Master Kay last released his single titled “Success Is Calling”, he premiered it live on Tshwane FM on HoodBase Hip Hop show on June, 28. 2015. That song amazingly reached 6 000 downloads in just first 4 days after release, it was trending and still trending. Now it is downloadable on biggest websites in South Africa called, and The song penetrated Pheli streets and even ended up positioned number 2 on Tshwane FM as Top 5 hottest jams of the week for 3 weeks.

Since June after “Success Is Calling” release fans has been striking for more music from him but unfortunately he is still a young boy who is still a student so examinations came to his thoughts and his two hands, he had to take a music break and obviously focus on exams. Although, he is the master so he managed time for music and he even decided to give us some piece of cake which seems to be sweet! Meaning he is releasing a new song titled “Greatness” around November and he is collaborating with a rapper from Ghana who got those “Sarkodie-Type Flows”, he goes by the name of Reinny Ray and the instrumentals of the song is produced by Zoocci Coke Dope who is a SAHHA award nominee and worked with artists like Cassper Nyovest, Chad Da Don, Ex Global and again he is the producer behind the instrumentals “Freedom or Fame” by Blaklez feat. Reason & PRO. This is getting exciting already! ‘Ghana Meets South Africa’. The youngest rapper in Pretoria, Master Kay, is still putting Atteridgeville on the map even today. He even launch his own clothing line with his name “Master Kay” on the caps and t-shirts. We just hope that he will keep on giving us this good things even next year even though he will be busy because he will be a Matriculant. YES! The smart Kay is going to Matric next year 2016. It’s such a blessing to have people like Master Kay in Atteridgeville. He is not committed to drugs like many artists and he is not doing any other bad things which may influence his life-focus. What a blessed boy!

Master Kay’s Penetrating Stage

Immediately when Master Kay is done with his term 3 school examination he is penetrating stages! Last night, 02, Oct. 2015 Master Kay left people crying his name after his performance at Jopas Place around his hood after performing a hit track “Success Is Calling“. Tonight, 03 Oct. 2015 he will be performing at Marafco Lounge and Mavhele Pub at Sunnyside, PTA. Yes! He have 2 performances tonight! Make sure you don’t miss these performances coming with a streamline or else you’ll only be streaming his performances via YouTube.

Master Kay on TV!!!

During Master Kay’s radio interview on Tshwane FM he said that he want to be back on TV again and amazingly HE IS BACK ON TV AGAIN!!!

On Thursday, 17 Sep. 2015 he was shooting an advertisement with Titans team, one of Rugby teams. He’s been posting pictures on Instagram when he was busy behind the scenes. It seems like he was enjoying himself. You can also follow him on Instagram to see pictures/videos: Master Kay’s Instagram.

There’s a possibility of an advert to appear on SABC or one of Supersport channel on DStv. Keep your eyes glued for more info!

Success Is Really Calling Master Kay

Success Is Seriously Calling Master Kay!

That hit-single of Master Kay titled “Success Is Calling” is now doing huge numbers. Is now currently sitting on over 4 000 downloads via Hulkshare. This morning it was placed on SA popular websites like,, and in the same category with big SA Hip Hop acts like Cassper Nyovest, Riky Rick, Kwesta, Gigi Lamayne and etc. All these achievements happened within 7 days after release. It is inspiring and grateful to see a 16 year old SA rapper doing numbers and representing Pretoria like this! God is really with him.

Master Kay – Success Is Calling
DOWNLOAD HEREMaster-Kay - Success Is Calling (song cover)

Master Kay – Success Is Calling

Finally! Master-Kay premiered his first song of the year 2015, a hit-track on Sunday, 28 June 2015 live on Tshwane FM (93.6) hosted by DJ Nantes. Now the song is doing air waves around websites, blogs and radios. In 40 mins after release it was sitting firmly at more than 460 downloads along with crazy good feedback from the fans. Some already doing some Fan Signs as photos for him and tweet! It’s crazy, insane, sick and amazing to see a 16 year old rapper doing all this on his own! Yes! On his own, he produced the beat of it, written the lyrics of it, did some engineering by mixing and mastering it all alone. He’s not only regarded as a rapper only, because he’s also a good producer. Just get the song and hear the “epicness” that the fans heard!

Master-Kay – Success Is Calling

Master-Kay’s Interview On Tshwane FM This Sunday!

Master is finally back on the track with great news. He have a radio interview on Tshwane FM (93.6) this Sunday. Please stay tuned as he premier his first 2015 song titled “Success Is Calling” and also going to talk about his own upcoming clothing line. YES! You’re right! Soon he will be wearing himself along with his amazing true fans, #TeamMasterKay who will be buying the clothes!

Preview of the song:

Logo of clothing line will be designed by Osmic (SAHHA Awards/BTTC organizer)


Master-Kay Is Releasing A New Song

Finally! Master-Kay’s new first hit song of 2015 titled “Success Is Calling” is coming real soon! The song might be delayed due to term 2 examinations that already started, so please be patient. The snippet of it is available “HERE“. It is expected to be released on Tshwane FM in Pretoria or BakGat radio show in Johannesburg. #TeamMasterKay must be ready for it and share the good news with other #TeamMasterKay worldwide. If you believe in SUCCESS and a realest fan hash tag “#SuccessIsCalling” in whatever you do.


Name of the song: Success Is Calling
Artist(s): Master-Kay
Genre: Hip-Hop/Trap
Producer: Master Kay
Songwriter: Master Kay
Studio: Master-Kay’s Studio
Release Date: 25 June 2015

Master-Kay Is Performing At Damdoryn Tour

Master-Kay’s New Testament Tour is still on even today. A 16 year old rapper is still making sold out shows even today. On 11 April 2015 Master-Kay is performing at Rusternburg at Cynthia’s place. The show will start from 19h00 until 24h00 but Master-Kay will be entertaining and make the stage to be on fire for only 10 minutes, he begin at 20h10 and finish at 20h20. It can sound like 10 minutes is not enough but if you come there you will enjoy it. Photographs and signatures for the fans will be allowed in back stage after his performance.

– Damdoryn Plot 249,
Old Rusternburg Road
Cynthia’s Place Damdorien


Master-Kay Is Turning 16!!!

On this day, 02 March, Kgosi-Etsile Dube famously known as “Master-Kay” was born in this world! This day is so special! It was the day when God gave us a Young King who is always inspiring children. In South Africa we have scarce of teenagers who are doing good for their future, especially in what they love to do. Many of them are not doing good in their future, they are adopted by drugs that leads them to no education & no education leads them to no future. Just like the way Master-Kay quoted on his BakGat radio interview when he was 14 years old in 2013, “I know I’m now about to be famous and all that but I will never stop going to school because education doesn’t require rich, fame or poor.”.

Today Master-Kay is turning 16. Bye-bye to 15. Another year, another success, another victory and good music to be expected from Him!

Special Thanks to Tshwane FM & Y FM for wishing him a happy birthday on air! Plus a tweet from Tshwane TV also wishing him a happy birthday!


Master Kay Entertainment

New Testament Tour

Master Kay & King Lu on stage

Master Kay & King Lu on stage

5 DECEMBER 2014:
South Africa, Johannesburg, Rand Club

13 DECEMBER 2014:
South Africa, Johannesburg, Country Club

19 DECEMBER 2014:
South Africa, Johannesburg, Symphony Concert (opening stage)

20 DECEMBER 2014:
South Africa, Pretoria, Atteridgeville, Man Malaya’s birthday party

New Testament mixtape by Master-Kay released!

Finally Master Kay released his mixtape that everybody was expecting before the end of 2014, New Testament and is now available on Datpiff for absolutely FREE!!!

His 1st single that he released from New Testament “We Winning” ft. Westcoast Cizzle was on Tshwane FM top 5 for 2 weeks, it was also playlisted on Elegant Hoodness radio which is in USA and made it on the most popular website in SA called & his 2nd single “My Ambition” have also created a buzz on radio stations earning him a lot of respect among the media circles.

Master-Kay has 12 completed tracks which are incorporated within New Testament mixtape featuring both international and local talented artists like Westcoast Cizzle, Gramzunkut, Peta Lacore, Stormy, Citty Boii, King Lu, T-Buck, Global Thugz, Yum Yum and his step-father known as Prince E. He produced 10 tracks out of the mixtape by himself with his crazy Trap Beats of his. Speaking of Master-Kay’s Trap Beats, he is recognized as the only best teen Trap Music producer in Pretoria.

New Testament was officially released on 05 December 2014. Is exciting, energetic and something different that can play on your ears. Go & download it for free “HERE“.

Why Master-Kay postponing his track

From 07 August to 07 September Master-Kay disappeared on every social network and media. He was completely off. Many people always wondering what he was doing the whole time so quiet. Well, Master-Kay is just a 15 year old boy who’s still in high school remember? So the day he got back again on social networks he told Fans that he was busy preparing for examinations that are coming ahead around September, which is term 3. He promised Fans last time on his Tshwane FM radio interview that he’ll release a very hot banger track “My Ambition“. Just because he was unavailable, he couldn’t do as he promised the Fans & he’s apologizing for doing that, things didn’t work as he planned.

Anyway, great news for the Fans! He promised to release it before month end of September and this time he won’t disappoint you, Team Master Kay.

Friend him on Facebook:

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Master-Kay's picture shot when he was about to release My Ambition

Master-Kay’s picture shot when he was about to release My Ambition

Master-Kay Entertainment

Master-Kay’s interview with Tshwane FM

A 15 year old Trap rapper Master-Kay got interviewed on 27 July 2014 live and directly on number one radio station in Pretoria, Tshwane FM (93.6). He’s also recognised as the first teen rapper in the whole Pretoria to be live on air on radio station and also the first rapper that make trap music in Atteridgeville & Saulsville, said DJ Nantes (Tshwane FM DJ). He was not alone on the interview. He came with 2 guests which is Prince E (his step-father) & King Lu (new Global Thugz member).

“The day after the interview my schoolmates went so crazy, everybody was staring, everybody was cheering my name, everybody was respecting, saluting & congratulating me. It was an amazing feeling & experience. Big shout-out to DJ Nantes and Tshwane FM”, said Master-Kay.


Master-Kay Entertainment

15 Year Old Rapper Master-Kay In History Making

Is like he’s owning Hoodbase Show hosted by DJ Nanties that is on Tshwane FM 93.6 with his banging track “We Winning feat. Westcoast Cizzle.

Last time his track has won on Stay or Go feature on Tshwane FM and also been aired on Bakgat radio on the very same day. On 22 June 2014 the track made it on Tshwane FM Best Hip-Hop chart and it was sitting on number 4. He performed it at House 22 Club and the crowd was going left, right, backwards, forward and centre dancing for it. On 29 June 2014 he made it again on Tshwane FM chart and this time he was sitting tightly on number 2. This boy is climbing a ladder of success.

He’s the first teen rapper in Atteridgeville & Saulsville who made it on most popular website that get more than 100 000 views per month which is ZAmob. You can download his latest track “We Winning on the link below.

Master-Kay – We Winning [MP3 DOWNLOAD]


Tshwane FM Best Songs Weekly Chart (29 June 2014)

Tshwane FM Best Songs Weekly Chart (29 June 2014)

Master-Kay Entertainment

Master-Kay won on Tshwane FM

Master-Kay has done it again!!!
Master-Kay has done it again with more fire!!!

This amazing rapper has won on Stay Or Go feature on Tshwane FM 93.6 – 25 May 2014. His tracks was doing some rotations on Tshwane FM, but this time he didn’t only do a rotation, he did something called “Victory”. Yes! His track featuring WestCoast Cizzle titled “We Winning“. On 17 May 2014 he performed it but without Cizzle. He just killed it alone on stage excluding Cizzle’s verse. Everybody was dancing up & down, left, right & centre! We Winning is still trending all over the radio stations and everywhere. New Testament mixtape is taking over!

You already know the hash-tag #MyNiggaImWinning!!!

Master-Kay Entertainment

Vote For Us!

We Global Thugz are nominated for 4 Awards this year I need ya’ll to show some muthafucking luv my peoples.

EXPLOSIVE GRIND- EHMP AWARDS–ehmp-awards/question-4130021/

MOST DYNAMIC PERFORMER OF THE YEAR – EHMP RADIO—ehmp-radio/question-4130039/

TOP TEN ARTISTS OF THE YEAR- EHMP AWARDS–ehmp-awards/question-4130507/


Master-Kay Entertainment

About Born Again by Master-Kay

Master-Kay is now cooking a mixtape called New Testament. New Testament is a mixtape that will change people’s life in many different ways, especially if you’re a not a believer of Jesus Christ who died for our sins. This mixtape is explains itself, every single track from it is concerning about a Bible in a book of New Testament. So Master-Kay is releasing a second track from New Testament mixtape titled Born Again where he talks about how great and perfect your life will be if you’re born again Christian and how bad and useless it is if you’re unborn again. This track already touched many souls. He wrote the lyrics of it on December, 18. 2013 then produced a beat of it on January, 02. 2014 alone at his room. “This is a talent that God gave me to show and fascinate other people to see how great is God”, said Master-Kay.

PMG (Prominent Music Group)
Global Thugz
Master-Kay’s Blog:

Master-Kay Entertainment

Trey Mash – Pissed freestyle (Prod. Master-Kay)

Master-Kay Trap Beats is back again with a Bang on top of Greatness!

Master has Kayed with Trey Mash from Pretoria. It’s all about #MKTB (Master-Kay Trap Beat).

Trey Mash – Pissed freestyle
Produced by Master-Kay

Two Best Youngest Pretorians made it to the top. This track is now playing on best radio stations like Tshwane FM – HoodBase show. Trey Mash is releasing a mixtape on December, 24. 2013, Angels In The City.


Master-Kay Entertainment

Catch Master-Kay’s Crazy Performance

Catch my crazy hot performance! Over 300 people are going already and Tshwane TV will be there shooting…

Venue: Atteridgeville Stadium Centre

Date: 06 December 2013

Time: 16H00 till 19H00

Dress: Smart (any kind of Smart as long as you looking good)


#NB Security will be tight

Team Series Cru SA
MaBen 10
DJ C.Lyts (June Boys)
A.Y.P Crew
DJ L.Angelo (MK2 Entertainment)
Tsb Re-bourne Cru

*Special Guest Performance*
– MIZZ DEE (Soul Candy Records)

You must come & support Master-Kay. This is gonna be a thriller! No Lie…


@GlobalThugz signed Master-Kay

Finally! Finally! Finally!

On November, 04. 2013 a 14 year old Entertainer just got signed by Award winner of best label of the year, Global Thugz. This is for the first time Global Thugz sign a teen and this attracted many Bloggers, and other best sources like Wikipedia.

Master-Kay proved to many musicians that music is real only if you believe in what you do. He also said if you want to fulfill your dreams in life you must be a passionate, and patient person. You must take advises from people, don’t just take it and put it on a pocket with a hole but take it and approve it.

GTz (Global Thugz) is has now officially signed Master-Kay from South Africa, Gauteng, Pretoria.

Visit a website below to view Master-Kay’s profile acting as a Global Thug:

Master-Kay Entertainment

Master-Kay featured Gist360.TV

Gist360 TV interviewed Master-Kay about YoungMaster Award that he have won on September, 01. 13 that it was held in Northern Cape, Galeshewe stadium and also about a collaboration that he made with Kelo from Global Thugz in United States of America, New York City.


Master-Kay Entertainment

Master-Kay interviews by BakGat Radio

On October, 27. 2013 Master-Kay had a interview on BakGat Radio from Johannesburg.

The interview was all about Global News Live Blog that is going to be launched on November and about Nothing Mixtape.

50 People Booked in on BakGat Radio Show. You can also book it:

The good thing about this Mixtape is that great artists have been collaborated in it such as Kelo AKA Gramzunkut representing Global Thugz from USA, NYC, and V.I.P from SA, Pretoria representing SRMG and the Mixtape is FREE.

Master-Kay Entertainment

Master-Kay Profile

Birth name: Kgosi-Etsile John Dube

Born: March, 02. 1999

Origin: Pretoria, South Africa

Genres: Hip-Hop, Trap

Years active: 2011

Labels: SRMG (Student Rappers Music Group), Global Thugz

Associated acts: T-Buck, L Bass, Global Thugz

Gender: Male

Occupations: Rapper, Songwriter, Blogger, Music Producer, Modeling, TV Personality

Instruments: Piano, Organ

Role-Models: Young Chop, Rick Ross, Bill Gates

John Dube (born March, 02. 1999), professionally known as Master-Kay, is an African Media Entertainer. He hails from Pretoria, Gauteng, who is the owner of SRMG


Master-Kay grew up in South Africa, Gauteng. He started making beats when he was 11 years old. He was taught by his dream. He later met up with known rappers on social networks. He used to listen to Rick Ross music because his cousin is listening to Rick Ross music too. The way he’s adoring music when he bath Rick Ross music was playing through a cellphone on bathroom while he’s bathing.


• Big Pee – Villian (Prod. by Master-Kay)

• Master-Kay ft. Kelo (Prod. by Master-Kay)

• Global Thugz

• Grizzy – Victory

• Commercial for school day

• Commercial for Jik Washing Liquid

• Scene on SABC 2, Muvhango

• Affiliate with Mook Millions

• Owner of FascinateNotes

• Owner of Global News Live

• Nominated for Mr & Miss Pretoria 2013

• L-Bass – On My Level

• Unforgettable (2012)

• Unforgettable 2 (2012)

• Optimistic (2012)

• Pessimist (2012)

• Perspicuous (2013)

• Nothing (2013)


Master-Kay Entertainment

MasterKayBlog Month

November is gonna be a Blog month for Master-Kay. Expect great things that are coming interacting Gossip News, Music, and Breaking News International everyday. Yes, I meant it, EVERYDAY. It will be on

Starting from November until the end visit this Blog every single day between 6 – 9 P.M to be updated to everything that is happening around in this universe.

– @MasterKaySA

Master-Kay Entertainment

Master-Kay with Kelo from NYC

You know, I know & we both know that Master-Kay is a Master!

He released a new track with Kelo from NYC. This is what people from New York City has been waiting for.

Kelo is a known artist, he has collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), Dubo and such and such.

The track has been sliding & flipping on October, 01. 2013. I swear it has bombed Hip-Hop artists greater than Iraq bombs.

Master-Kay: @MasterKaySA
Kelo: @Gramzunkut

Master-Kay became a Villian?

Gossip Tube News from United Kingdom (UK) heard one of Master-Kay Beats then they Tweeted to the public saying Master-Kay stole Lex Luger’s beat then made it as if it is his. Master-Kay didn’t reply back to the tweet because he know that he’s not a Snitch and he won’t be a Snitch. He was angry and Fans were disappointed. Eventually, he made another Trap Beat titled “Villian”. Reason why is titled Villian is that the media thinks he is a Villian on the making of Trap Beats but he’s not.

Villian – Produced by Master-Kay

Please Comment. Thank you, Fans & Haters.

– @MasterKaySA

Master-Kay Completed His Mission

It was Friday so Master-Kay was very bored, then he decided to play video games and he was playing GTA I.V. He was on the last hard mission. Eventually, he passed that mission. He was thrilling happy because he has been stuck on that mission for 4 weeks now he passed it!

Then his ecstasy of completing a mission took him to that extend of making a beat then he made a Trap Beat which took only 30 minutes to be done. Is titled “Mission Complete”. You may find it on the following link below for FREE.

Mission Complete – Produced by Master-Kay

Please Comment. Thank you.

– @MasterKaySA